Temporary moved our web server to a temporary host computer.

There was a fatal trouble happened to our web server in the midnight of 14th November 2010. We have completed to change a web server to a tentative host computer by now, 16th November 2010.

Unfortunately, a few emails might have been lost during the restoration process. If you have received return emails or did not receive reply for your inquiry, would you kindly resend your email(s) to us.

We have a plan to move our web server once again to a more secure host computer. We will inform you the details through this site in the future.  Please kindly be patient and understand the necessity.

AMATERAS Co. Ltd. has been officially established today, 1st October 2010.

It is our honour to inform you that AMATERAS Co. Ltd. has been officially registered today, 1st October 2010.

OKONOGI, Yoshiko
Managing Director

Be our partner!

We are looking for partners to work with us together, especially those who are willing to develop software and web sites in Cambodia. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.

Establishing A Company Soon

We are now preparing to establish a company, AMATERAS Co. Ltd., which mission is to light up what are deserved to, soon on 1st October 2010. We will report the progress through this web site time to time. Please look forward to hearing from us.