Commencement of Web Reorgnizing Services Targetting Japanese NGO/NPOs

[Target Users & Customers]

Mainly Japanese NGO/NPOs operating in Cambodia

[Description of Our Services]

The environment of Information Communication Technology in developing countries is getting better as mobile phones are penetrating even villagers of those countries. It was beyond our imagination that ordinary citizens of developing countries accessing the Internet through a mobile phone or a PC using a key-holder size communication device. Now the costs of the Internet access in developing countries are getting far much lower than the ones in a few years ago and people in developing countries are now start accessing the Internet for various purposes.

As probably you are aware about the significance of participatory development, the role of the web site as a tool and the media to inform your activities to parties such as beneficiaries, co-workers, recipient governments, relevant international organizations, and so on, is being more important than ever. Adding that your accountability to your supporters and donors as well as your public relations is being important in the era of global economic recession.

Considering above, we would like to propose web redesigning projects as follows;

[Objectives of the Services]

  • to internationalize of your web site catching up latest technologies
  • to make web maintenance operations as easy as running blog and sustainable
  • to improve quality of your web site and increase access by stakeholders and citizens interested in your activities

[Goals of the Services]

  1. Migration to a user friendly, blog styled, Contents Management System (*1)
  2. Reorganization of a web site structure and categorization of pages, generation of keywords (*2)
  3. Internationalization of a web site which can handle multiple langueages (*3)
  4. Converting a web site to mobile phone ready site (*4)
  5. Conversion of a web site to use Unicode encoding (*5)

We are going to utilize human resources in Cambodia as much as possible where applicable under the supervision of a skilled Japanese engineer to ensure quality. We will accept your modification requests as many as possible to seek our customer’s satisfaction. In case you cannot be satisfied with our works, we will be accepting the cancellation of your order.

(*1) We will apply a world wide popular CMS, Contents Management System called WordPress. Therefore, the reorganized web site will be more user friendly and have less problems.

(*2)Throught SEO, Search Engine Optimization of tWordPress, the reorgamized web site will be listed in a better position of search results in general.

(*3) We can provide various translation services.

(*4) The reorganized web site would support most of the mobile phone browsers and mobile phone users can see text information of your web site. However, there would be some exceptional cases. We would not guarantee 100% compatibility on mobile phone browsers.

(*5) Some of web sites applies Japanese fonts which are not available on computers abroad, then a foreign user can only see messed screen on those computers. By using UNICODE, or UTF-8 in concrete, you can use multiple languages concurrently in your pages, and users whose computer does nut support Japanese can see Japanese characters properly.

[Expected Effects of Reorganization of Web Site]

  1. As you can update your web site easily through a PC which is connected to the Internet and a Mobile phone which can send an email, the frequency of posting information will be more, thus you will get more support from your supporters and donors who would be attracted through your web site.
  2. By letting your local partners to participate web site updating using local languages, you can motivate the partners sense of participation and enhance your activities.
  3. Your web site will be a good tool or media to appeal your activities to your end-beneficiaries, recipient government, relevant international organizations, supporters and donors then you would be able to mobilize and exchange opinions of  more people for/on your activities.

[Service Fee]

Service Fee depends on volume of the existing web sites, scope of works, additional tasks of translation, there are no fixed prices or tariff at the moment.  However, we can estimate the rough costs and can prepare demonstration upon your request, please feel free to contact us,  We grantee  the lowest fee among other service providers in Japan by utilizing skilled ICT engineers in Cambodia.