Our Products & Services

With our slogan “Lighting up what are deserved to”, we provide the following products and services.

  1. Software Development and Systems Integration — We guarantee that we are able to provide best cost-performance products and services by utilizing Khmer (Cambodian) ICT engineers.
  2. Consultation on Offshore Development and Human Development in Cambodia — The enclosure of qualified engineers in India, China, Philippines, and Vietnam has been almost dominated by large companies. Therefore, it is getting more difficult for Japanese small companies to obtain such engineers. AMATERAS, which has close relation with Royal University of Phnom Penh, would work as your agent here to find good engineers on behalf of our clients.
  3. Research & Data Collection on CambodiaWe can research and collect information necessary for our clients through the channels of ex-scholarship students.
  4. Attendance to Liberia Mission — Liberia, a country which is focused as mineral rich country, is still considered as unknown country for Japanese. Our advisor, who stayed in Liberia for eight months as a country manger of Japanese Government Organization can accompany in order to secure the mission.
  5. Dresses Remade from Traditional Japanese Kimono — By tying up with skilled Cambodian Dress Makers, we are providing modern dresses remade from Japanese traditional textiles at reasonable prices.