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Entrance Gate

fee booth

I surprised at this new fee booth after three year's interval
You can buy entry pass at this official entrance both on the road of Angkor Wat


Ticket of Angkor group for 3 day
There are three kind of passes to enter Angkor ruin sites, a one day pass (20US$), a three day pass (40US$) and a one week pass (60US$). Two of them without a one day pass need a photograph.

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Angkor Wat

Magnificence and unrivaled Angkor Wat is accepted funerary temple for King Suryavarman II. The central towers were symbolized the mythical mountain Meru, is believed that situated at the center of the universe. Cambodia takes the towers of Angkor Wat on their flag as a national symbol.

Date : Early 12th century (between 1113 to 1150)
King : Suryavarman II
Religion :
Hindu (decicated to Vishnu)

The west causeway

We crossed causeway over surrounded moat

The west causeway (length 250m; width 250m) over surrounded moat, now under restoration, leads you to the entrance gate with three towers. That hides the full view of the central monument.

Holly tower in the flame

Holly tower in the frame of the entry gate

Angkor Wat

When we passed the gate full view of Angkor Wat opens out before our eyes

Angkor Wat

I love impressive view of Angkor Wat look over the holly pond in particular

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The Gallery filled of amazing Bas-Reliefs

The Gallery of Bas-Reliefs surrounding first level of Angkor Wat (length 1200m) is divided into eight sections. Each section has severally theme and unroll like a scroll.

Heaven & Hell

Heaven & Hell

Three tiers recount the judgement by Yama

There is depicting heaven, human being and hell from top to down on the West Gallery.


Souls are judged by Yama with 18-armed

Victims are hanged and nails hammered

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Churning the Ocean of Milk

There are the most famous bas-reliefs of Churning the Ocean of Milk on the east gallery.

According to Hindu creation myth; "At the beginning of the world, Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) turns and churns up the cosmic sea for produce Amrita - the elixir of life - for 1,000 years. Although their effort, they failed get it. Then they ask Vishnu for help in exhausted, he tells them to work together.


Vishnu command gods and asuras

Put Mount Mandara on the tortoise - Vishnu's reincarnation - shell as pivot, serves the serpent Vasuki around that. Asuras held on head's side and Gods held on the other side of body of Vasuki, they were churning for more 1,000 years, the Ocean turn milky and then Sun, Moon, Apsaras and Lakshmi (the goddess of beauty) appeared and the last Amrita produced from the Ocean of Milk."

Churning the Ocean of Milk

Churning the Ocean of Milk at Wat Ta Prohm in Tonle Bati

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Holly Towers


Apsaras under Holly Tower bask in golden sunlight

As climbed upper level Apsaras, who were created by the Churning of the Ocean Milk, appeared. Guidebook said, "Over 1,500 Apsaras (celestial dancers) line the walls of Angkor Wat". When the sun is sinking in the west, they are gain brighten bask in the sun.

Holly Tower
Holly Tower

Climb Holly Towers by a steep staircase

The central tower rises on a tiered base 42meter high above the upper level. I heard only the king and the high priest were allowed on the upper sanctuary. There are four steep stairways to the towers. You should use the south one better for it's has a handrail.

Look down the approach

Look down the half-kilometer approach from the west entrance we passed

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