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Phnom Kulen

The Angkor Period began when Jayavarman II declared himself king at Phnom Kulen in 802, and ended when the Ayuthaya (Kingdom of Thailand) sacking the capital city Angkor Thom in 1431. He established Devaraja cult - "the god who is king" - and built a temple-mountain for ensure and prosperity of his kingdom.

List of charge

List of charge
The gateway of Mt.Kulen

The gateway to Mt.Kulen

The birthplace of Angkor Dynasty is 40km northeast of the city of Angkor Thom. After the Khmer Rouge the place had been forbidden to enter of land mines problem for long time. Recently the road repaired by private for visitors. Because of we have to pay 20US$ at the ticket both. This is unbelievable high price in Cambodia.

small shrine

There is a small shrine
at the peak of rock mountain
reclining Buddha

In the shrine there is huge reclining Buddha

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Carving in the riverbed

Huge linga and yoni

Huge linga and yoni
Countless linga

Countless linga named "Muy poan"


Reclining Vishnu

Hut lins along the river

Hut-lin along the river
Have a bath in the river

Have a bath in the river

To my surprise the Holly Place turn holiday resort in poor taste. Huts lines along the river and people having bath with their clothes on in the Holly River and fall. Why couldn't here keep powerful and mysterious place in original? I'm very sorry about that.

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Kobal Spien

Kobal Spien

Gateway to Kobal Spien

On our way hotel we stopped at Kobal Spien about 13km from Phnom Kulen. As the site is located 40 minutes walk on mountain trail, this gate close at 15:30. Don't be late.

Shiva on his horse

Shiva on his horse and reclining Vishnu

Reclining Vishnu

Reclining Vishnu
Pochentong airport

Replica at Pochentong airport

After 40 minutes walk we reached a small stream where precious bas-reliefs are dotted in few visitors. Atmosphere and bas-reliefs both of them are marvelous. I guess it depend on the way hard to come. Kobal Spien surpassed of my expectation. I have fascinating here than Phnom Kulen.

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Boat trip

Raising sun at Tonle Sap

Raising sun at Tonle Sap Lake

The most popular boat trip for foreigner is run between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The boat leave Tonle Sap port at 07:00 in the morning, you can see sunrise on your way port.

Boat was filled

Boat was filled of traveler
Take a nap

Took a nap on the roof of the boat

Thought foreign traveler prefer the roof to inside the boat, at the beginning the boat run at full speed on the Tonle Sap Lake there are windy and terrible cold. You have better to clime up the roof after boat slow down into Tonle Sap River.

New pier

After 5-hours cruise our boat came alongside new pier in Phnom Penh

Boat trip : Between Phnom Penh to Siem Reap
Departure time : 07:00 (both directions)
Costs : 25US$ by express boat - as of March 02 -

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