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Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Throne Hall : Royal Palace

When French was controlled Cambodia as it's colony, Phnom Penh chosen as capital again. The Royal Palace rebuild by King Sisowath in 1919. Throne Hall has 59m-high tower that crowned human faces as Bayon style.

Gorgeous dresses of royal family

Gorgeous dresses of royal family

In front of the Throne Hall there is lovely small mansion gift from Napoleon \x87V. This mansion is open to visitors as museum. We can see photographs, furniture and gorgeous dresses of royal families. The Silver Pagoda view from the veranda is nice.

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Silver Pagoda

Silver Pagoda

Wat Preah Keo is also called "Silver Pagoda"

Next to the Royal Palace there is Wat Preah Keo that has 5000 silver tiles for the floor. Therefore this pagoda is called Silver Pagoda. Name of Wat Preah Keo (Pagoda of Emerald Buddha) is popular in Indochina, I guess the most famous one is in Bangkok and second one is this Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh and next one is in Vientiane.

Wall painting

On the gallery wall enclosing the Pagoda
there is vivid painting of Ramayana (Sanskrit poem) story.

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National Museum

Yard of the Museum

Beautiful yard of the Museum

The other side of the Silver Pagoda, striking resemblance red structure the National Museum is situated just north of the Royal Palace. This is a treasure house of "Khmer Art" especially stock of sculptured figures in stone are substantial. I'm sure you can get something inspire and deep understanding of religious sprit of Angkor Dynasty. Don't miss my favorite statue of Jayavarman VII in meditation.

Opening timeof Museum

It is open 08:00 to 11:30 and 14:00 to 17:30
You require leaving your camera and baggage at the entrance

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Capital Guesthouse

Capital Guesthouse

Lively restaurant of Capital Guesthouse

Although there are many budget guesthouses in Phnom Penh, the most popular one is the longest standing Capital Guesthouse near Psa (Market) Orussei in central of the town. In addition the Capital Tour provides sightseeing tour, transportation and Visa arrangements by budget. Now I copied some of them, I hope this information help your trip.

Open tour

Departeur time
Siem Reap (A/C Bus)
Siem Reap (Express boat)
7:15AM / 12:30PM
Saigon (Vietnam)

Capital Tour

Capital Tour desk
This information as of January 2003

One day tour

City Tour (Palace, Killing Field, Market etc.)
8:30 (8:45)AM
Phnom Chiso (Tonle Bati, Ta Promh Temple)
8:30 (9:00)AM
Mekong Village (Mekong Island, Weaving village)

Notes One-day tour is exclusive of guide, lunch and entry fee.
Figures in parentheses are fair of without guide.

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