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Voen Sai

  Day 3 : We went to Voen Sai that is located on the south bank of San River and 35km northwest of Ban Lung to see cemetery of Tumpuan tribe. When I heard 35km ride to go there, I was afraid I couldn't stand rough road driving any more.


Road sign

About 8km ride from the town we passed junction

Left road lead us to Voen Sai,
Right to Ta Veng where I visited next day

In a moment Tra said, "Don't worry. Today's road is good than yesterday. You would like it." It was just as he said, road was wide and not so bad. I enjoyed view of passing villages, forests, brooks, clouds of the sky and the wind to bank village Voen Sai.

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Boat trip

Sesan River

I chartered boat for US$10 to cross Sesan River


Landing to Tom Poun tribe's village

Dean in front of his tomb

Dean leaded us to their cemetery behind village. When I saw their house shaped tombs, I was very surprised to notice similarity between Giarai's grave house in Vietnam and here in Cambodia.

Grave house

Grave houses dotted around forest
House style tombs

Grave houses at Museum in Vietnam

Entrance fee of this cemetery was US$1

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China and Laos

After visiting Tumpuan village our boat came alongside another pier. I had no idea about this landing Tra said, "Here we are in Chinese village." There was really Chinese, there were Chinese goods in their shops and nameplate of their school was written in Chinese character. People were cool and everywhere clean in order.

Boder between China and Laos
Boder between China and Laos

When we went over this small fence he declared, "We just passed the border between Chinese and Laos. Now we are in Laos." It was amazing, appearance of villages were changed dramatically. There was simple and children and people were friendly and lively. I prefer this Village to Chinese.


Lively children
Simple toy

Simple toy of reuse

We took a rest for a while at this peaceful village and returned Voen Sai. After lunch we went back to Ban Lung and then my third day was finished.

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