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Phnom Udong

Three towers on the hill

There are three stupas on the hill

One day my friend proposed to drive Udong - old capital before Phnom Penh. Udong is situated 40km northwest from Phnom Penh it took 1-hour and half ride on National Hwy 5. As it was my first time to drive in Cambodia I had exciting experience during our journey, especially in the terrible traffic town area.

Crowned human face

This stupa for king Monivong has four Bayon-style faces on top

Attracctions of Udong are destroyed temple by Khmer Rouge and three stupas - for the ashes of successive kings - on the hill. You can see nice view of Cambodian countryside from the ridge.

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Prasat Nokor Vimeansour

Modeled on Bayon Temple

This gate is probably modeled on the South Gate of Angkor Thom.

On the way to home my friend said "I heard there is a temple model on Angkor Wat near here. Why don't we drop in?" It sounded good, "Why not!" We turn right on National Hwy 5 and run on unpaved county road for more than 30 minutes. "Look!" I was sure we reach the temple.

Modeled on Angkor Wat

This temple modeled on Angkor Wat
Decorated with apsaras

Wall relieves as apsaras

I felt this temple was built model on mixed of famous temples of Angkor area, Angkor Wat, Bayon and Banteay Srei. I guess these constructions were built for Khmer who never visit real Angkor Wat. During our visit there was no foreigner visitors in the precincts.

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Phnom Chisor

Phnom Chisor is on the hilltop

Phnom Chisor is situated on the hilltop over there

Next Sunday we decided to visit Phnom Chisor ruin site of Buddhism temple in 11th century, located 55km south from the capital. After 1-hour half ride when we turned left on National Hwy 2 lovely country fields spread out before us.

Dancing Shiva

Pediment with a Dancing Shiva
Woody door of shrine

Woody door of shrine

There was significant bas-reliefs put here and there without difficulty. Center of the ruin site small shrine remained. I had interest in wooden door with gods or gatekeepers on pigs. In front of main entrance we saw magnificent view to plain and river.

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Tonle Bati

Tonle Bati

Hut-lined for apron the lake enjoy cool

On our way home we stopped at Tonle Bati to take lunch. We lent one part of hut in hut-line apron the lake. Although food and drink were little bit high price than Phnom Penh, I enjoyed this atmosphere.

Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm was built by Jayavarman VII (ruled 1181 to 1201)

After lunch we visited modest size of Buddhism temple Ta Prohm close to Tonle Bati. Though preservation of this temple is not so good there are remarkable bas-reliefs presence.

Churning of the Ocean of Milk

Bas-relief "Churning of the Ocean of Milk"

According to legend "At the beginning of the world, Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) turns and churns up the water for produce Amrita the elixir of life. They were churning for more 1,000 years, the Ocean turn milky and then Sun, Moon, Apsaras and Lakshmi (the goddess of beauty) appeared and the last Amrita produced from the Ocean of Milk."

You can see round shape of Sun and Moon on the center of this Bas-relief.

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