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Town Walk

Strawberry seller

Strawberry seller on the streets

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Small Wild Goose Pagoda

The Pagoda built in 709 AD (Tong Dynasty)

Small Wild Goose Pagoda

This Pagoda looks like a delicate and slim girl.....

They say that "Big Wild Goose Pagoda is manly, this Pagoda is feminine". What do you think ?

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Qinglong Temple

Between 630 and 849,Japanese envoys to Tong Dynasty were dispatched missions. Among them, in 804, was a famous Japanese monk named Kukai who studied here not only Buddhism but also Taoism, irrigation, Chinese calligraphy, medicine, music and culinary art. He has brought about great changes in Japanese lives.

Kukai & Vajayana

Huiguo (known as Amoghavajra) & Kukai

Unfortunately, the Temple was utterly ruined by war after the Tong Dynasty.

In 1982, the Buddhist Association of Japan and the Municipal Government of Xi'an, set up a monument in memory of Kukai at the site of the farmer Qinglong Temple.

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Xingquing Palace Park

Xingquing Palace used to be the residence of Emperor Li Longji (685-762 : Tong Dynasty)

Xingquing Palace

Situated on the eastern of Xi'an city, the Park was built in 1958, on the former site of the Palace
Around the "Xingquing Lake", all the buildings were constructed in the style of the Tong architecture

Monument to Abeno-nakamaro

Monument to Abeno-nakamaro
In the southeast side of the park, there is a white marble monument to Abeno-nakamaro.

He was born in 698 , in the last part of Kofun Period in Japan .

He came to China as Japanese envoys to Tong Dynasty, at the age of nineteen.

He was taken into superior confidence in the Tong's court.

Right : The farcade of the monument (north side) , ther is the inscription "Monument to Abeno-nakamaro".

Left : On the east side is a poem by Abeno-nakamaro, nostalgia for his home.

On the back (west side) is a poem by Li Bai, lament for the death of his friend Abeno-nakamaro.

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The City Wall

The City Wall of Xi'an was rebuilt in during the reign of Hongwu (1374-1378) of Ming Dynasty on based of the old wall of Tong Dynasty. The length from east to west is 3.8 km, from south to north is 2.8 km, the height is 12m, the top is 15m wide, and the bottom is 18m. It is the most large, complete ancient City Wall in China.

West Gate

West Gate named "Anding Gate"

There are four main gates in four directions, each of them consists of the Arrow tower and General tower. During the Han and Tong Period, Xi'an had been the biggest international City in the world.

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