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Three Observatories on Lake Masyu (Masyuko)

Lake Masyu is said to be the most transparent lake in the world. It is situated 74km north of Kushiro, and is 2hr ride from Kushiro station by bus. You can enjoy its pure-blue water view from three observatory points around the lake.

Uramasyu Uramasyu

Lake view from Ura-masyu observatory

Ura-masyu observatory is located on the eastern side of the lake. But there is no public transportation. As the place is hard to get to, this observatory is most quiet among three points.

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No.1 Observatory

No.1 and No.3 Observatories are situated on the western side of the lake against the Ura-Masyu. Ringed by 200m-high rock cliffs, it is often obscured by mist. So we called "Mysterious Lake" or "Foggy Lake Masyu".

No.1 Observatory

Landscape from here is well-known among three observatories

Folklore ; There is a small island called "Kanui-shu" in the center of the lake. "Kanui-shu" means God and old woman's island. The folk tale said, "Once upon a time there are old woman and her grandson escape the war. Before she knows she lose her boy. When she passes Lake Masyu, she begs God of Lake for a night's lodging. Her wish is realized. God put her to the small island and said, "Take your time". "

She is crying for recall her lost boy. This is why the lake often covered by mist.

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No.3 Observatory

No.3 Observatory

How beautiful clear-blue water is !

I love sight view from here best. Which do you like best ?

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Open air hotsprings

Lake Kussharo is biggest Crater Lake in Japan, located northern part of Akan National Park. I passed through an active volcano Mt.Io and Kawayu hotspring to Lake Kussharo. There are many apen air hot springs around lakeshore.

Wakoto open air hotspring

Wakoto open air hot spring

As there is no fence around the bath, I felt completely at ease with nature.

Kotan open air hotspring

Kotan open air hot spring

To see the red sky while bathing was fantastic experience in travel.

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