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Botanic Garden

Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, and the largest city north of Tokyo. Botanic Garden situated center of Sapporo City, with 5,000 different types of planets from all over the world. There are small museums in the garden.

Victoria cruziana

Victoria cruziana : Botanic Garden
The Museum was founded in 1882 by the "Kaitakushi (Clonization commision, 1869-1882)".

About forty thousand specimen containing the natural history, ethnological and archaeological specimen, mostly from Hokkaido and adjacent islands, are collected here with the purpose of furnishing materials for teaching staff, reserch workers, students, and open the public.

The ethological specimen are now displayed in "Ainu Museum".

- quote from guide of Museum -

Hours : 09:00-16:00 (29th Apr. to 30th Sep.)
09:00-15:30 (1th Oct. to 3th Nov.)

Closed : Monday and the day after a Notional holiday, Winter season

Admission Fees : Adults 400 yen

Phone : 011-251-8010

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Clock Tower

The development of Sapporo to become the capital of Hokkaido began in 1869, with the help of many foreign experts, engineers and educators. "The Clock Tower" was built in 1878 and is therefore regarded as both a historical and cultural symbol of Sapporo.

Clock Tower
"The Clock Tower" was originally called "Embujo" - meaning a military drill hall - and served as a drill hall for the Sapporo Agricultural College.

The first vice-president Dr. William S. Clark left a message for student "Boys be ambitious!" in his farewell speech.

This phrase is very famous among Japanese. We love that.

The simple and practical features of wooden structure are typical of American houses found in the Mid-west and West during colonization.

"The Clock Tower" was designated as a National Important Culture Property in 1970 and is now a museum that is also used for various cultural activities. It continues to serve as a historical landmark, telling stories of early days Sapporo.

- quote from guide of "The Clock Tower" -

Hours : Open dayly 09:00-17:00

Admission Fees : Adults 200 yen, Children free

Phone : 011-231-0838

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Historical Museum of Hokkaido

I decided to go Historical Museum of Hokkaido to know pioneer history as a last visit point of Hokkaido. It takes 30-minutes ride from center of Sapporo City in the Nopporo Forest Park.

Historical Museum of Hokkaido

This Museum opened in 1971, as one of a series of commemorating the centennial of Hokkaido. The exhibition divided into eight chronological themes, examines the lifestyles and cultures of Hokkaido, starting with basic survival by our earliest ancestors in a harsh northern environment.

- quote from guide of The Museum -

Theme 3 : Ainu Culture

The Ainu Culture, indigenous to Hokkaido, was flourishing long before Wajin (main-island Japanese) moved to and began to settle on this northern island.

It is said that Ainu Culture, having the Satsumon Culture as its primary parent, was influenced by the culture of Honshu and northeastern Asia.

To say another word, Ainu Culture is "Trade Culture". They bartered their furs or salmon fish for rice and iron tools. This exhibition teaches the changing rate smaller and smaller. Though they often rose against the Wajin, all was got under control, Ainu forced to live in poverty.

Hours : 09:30-16:30 (Last entry 16:00)

Closed : Monday and some National holidays
From the year-end to the begining of the following year

Admission Fees : Adults 300 yen, College student 100 yen

Phone : 011-898-2525

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