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Tokoro Historic Sites

Abashiri Quasi-National Park is made up of the Okhosk shore and Lakes Saroma and Abashiri. Tokoro historic sites are scattered about extensive area along the Okhosk seashore. The sites are mixed each age's dwellings, Jomon era (B.C. 2000), Satumon era (A.D. 1000) and Okhosk era (A.D. 1000). Therefore this site is designated as a National Historical site for its academic importance.

Tokoro ruins Museum

Tokoro ruins Museum

"Forest of Tokoro Vestige" - 120,822\x87u - is located west part of Tokoro historic sites faces toward Lake Saroma. You can see variety of artifacts and models of houses on each period's in this museum.

Exhibition room

Exhibtion room

Hours : 09:30-16:30
Closed : Monday, From Dec.29 to Jan.05

Admission Fees : Adults 200 yen, High School/Junior High School 100 yen,
Primary School 50 yen

Address : Tokoro-machi, Tokoro-gun, Hokkaido
Phone : 0152-54-3393

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Lake Saroma (Saromako)

Lake Saroma (Saromako)

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Lake Saroma Observatory

Biggest lake in Hokkaido, Lake Saroma is Brackish-water Lake.
20-kilometer long sandbank set apart between Okhotsk Sea and the lake.

Lake Saroma Lake Saroma Lake Saroma

Whole view of Lake Saroma from Mt. Moiwa observatory

Lake Saroma

Map of Lake Saroma

Through summer time wild roses and other shoreline plants are found in cluster on the sand dunes of the coast.
As its beauty the long sandbank also called "Sea God's Palace Road".

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Shirataki Museum

Shirataki Museum

The Obsidian Road : Shirataki - located middle part of Hokkaido - is famous for the production of obsidian. In ancient time peoples made many kind of stone tools out of Shirataki obsidian.


Stone implement tools made of Shirataki obsidian

Scraper, Point, Burin, Awl, Knife-shaped tool, Microblade.....etc.

I happened to pass by Kitami pass; I noticed there is Memorial Monument beside the rest house.

Memorial monument

Memorial monument : Kitami pass

Do you remember another pioneer story in Abashiri Prison? Prisoners were forced labor for 225km road construction from Abashiri to Asahikawa. The most hard work section is just here, to the Kitami pass. Over 200 prisoners were sacrificed on this roadwork.

I offered a silent prayer for the souls of the prisoners of victims.

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