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Toba Aquarium

Toba Aquarium has 20,000 fish and animals that grouped in 10 zones. To the left wing, there are "Coral Reef Diving", "Living Fossils", "Marine Mammal Kingdom", "Performance Stadium", and right wing "Marine Animals of Ise-Shima and Japan", "Jungle World", "Swamp in the Forest", "Cold Sea Animals", "Mermaid", "River of Japan".

Toba Aquarium

Toba Aquarium from Pearl Island

Entrance hall

In this aquarium, there is no regular route. You can walk anywhere you like. If you turn left from the entrance hall, it's called "Blue Wing", including "Coral Reef Diving Zone" and "Performance Stadium".

Entrance hall

If you turn right : it's named "Green Wing".
I can recommend Manatee,Dugong and Finless porpoise "Sunameri".

Performance Stadium

Leafy sea-dragon
Time schedule of "Seal Show"


Special Display

Leafy sea-dragon

Leafy sea-dragon

Marine Animals of Ise-Shima and Japan

finless porpoise

Finless porpoise : smallish white whale called "Sunameri"

Hours : 08:30-17:00 (3/21-11/30)
09:00-17:00 (12/1-3/20)

Admission : Adult 2400yen Child 1200yen Infant 600yen

TEL : 0599-25-2555

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Mikimoto Pearl Island

You have crossed the Pearl Bridge from Toba-town. There is "Kokichi Mikimoto Memorial Hall", "Pearl Museum", "Women Divers performance" and "Pearl Plaza" on the island.

Mikimoto Pearl Island

Mikimoto Pearl Island from Toba Aquarium

Kokichi Mikimoto Memorial Hall

The hall introduced the turbulent life of Kokichi Mikimoto, referred to as the "Pearl King". I was amazed at his passion and endeavor for pearls.

Old Pearl Island
Semicircle Pearl

Right : first successful
cultured "Semicircle Pearl" in 1893

Left : Model of "Old Pearl Island"

Hours : 08:30-17:00(1/1-3/20 6/1-7/20 9/1-9/30 11/21-11/30)
08:30-17:30 (3/21-5/31 7/21-8/31 10/1-11/20)
09:00-16:30 (12/1-12/31)

Admission : Adult 1500yen Child(7-15) 750yen

TEL : 0599-25-2028

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Pearl Museum

Pearl Museum

The Pearl Museum offers information about pearls
- history, science, industry,- including a performance.

Seeding Opration

Seeding operation

The first floor's exhibits are science and industry.

You can see the actual viewing of some steps - "seeding operation", "selecting a pearl" (size, shape, color and luster are all determinants of the pearl's value). It is a very interesting performance. I'm sure you would like it.

On the second floor, you can enjoy to see a lot of the jewelry collection that use natural pearls. I like baroque pearls more than round ones. There are also exhibits about the history of Japanese pearl-jewelry designs, too.

Mikimoto's Artistic Works

Bell of Freedom

"Bell of Freedom"
  • 1858 : born in Toba

  • 1888 : start the culture of pearls
  • 1893 : "Semicircle Pearl" were cultured successfully
  • 1899 : start the Pearl Shop at Ginza, Tokyo
  • 1905 : successful culture of "Round Pearl"

  • 1910 : "Military leader's fan" at the London
  • 1926 : "Mikimoto Pagoda" at the Philadelphia Expo.
  • 1933 : "The house of G.Washington" at the Chicago Expo.
  • 1937 : "Yaguruma" exhibited at the Paris Expo.
  • 1939 : "Bell of Freedom" at the New York Expo.

  • 1954 : death at the age of 96

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Ago Bay

Full Moon rise come up to Ago Bay

A full moon rising over Ago Bay

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